The increasing popularity of automatic gearboxes demands new ways of servicing


Our solution: the AGC-8280 fully automatic ATF station.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing automatic gearboxes:

  • To avoid high secondary costs in the event of problems
  • To extend the service life of automatic gearboxes
  • To maintain good vehicle performance
  • To prevent malfunctions due to wear and contaminated ATF
  • To ensure a more comfortable ride

Integrated database with illustrations:

The database integrated in the station enables you to find the right adapter quickly and confidently. The AGC-8400 DATABASE provides comprehensive instructions for the flushing process:

  • Vehicle model/gearbox type
  • ATF type with vehicle manufacturer’s specification
  • ATF quantity
  • Tightening torques
  • Correct adapter

Advanced electronics:

All servicing processes are monitored by advanced electronics, preventing any damage to components.

  • The automatic recirculation feature prevents damage due to excess pressure.
  • Automatic flow direction detection: The integrated pressure sensors always detect the right direction of flow of ATF.
  • Automatic ATF temperature measurement: The flushing process is started automatically.
  • The electronically controlled two pumps ensure the ideal flushing speed, adapted to the type of gearbox.

Key features

  • Time savings: Tanks are replaced in seconds and there is no need to clean or empty them.
  • Efficiency: no oil is lost when oil Tanks are changed; unused oil can subsequently be reused.
  • Precision: Integrated draining unit for automatic adjustment of the fill level and return quantity in weight and volume.
  • Integrated printer

Technical data

Tanks for new/old ATF:
Measuring method

25 l
Additive container:
Measuring method

500 ml
Hydraulic circuit:
Main Pump / PWM controlled
Boost Pump / PWM controlled

10 l/min, single-stage gear pump
10 l/min, single-stage gear pump
3.6 cm³
New ATF Filter:

Stainless steel mesh
150 μm
Service hoses:
A/T connections – hoses 1/2 (length)
Used ATF drain hose (length)

3 m
1.5 m
User interface:
Software Update

LCD 4.3’’
USB type A (with USB 2.0 key)
USB type B (direct connection to PC)
Automatic mode (Fully Automatic)
ATF charge
ATF recovery
A/T flushing
Additive injection
Zero-cross contamination
used ATF tank drainage
Boost function
on-board data bank
web data bank
Dipstick function
Thermal printer

Dedicated hose with tap

1st year free of charge

W x D x H
Weight when empty

750 x 750 x 1,200 mm
Approx. 65 kg
Power supply:
Thermal switch

50–60 Hz
230/240 V AC
500 W
12 A
Ambient conditions:
Operating temperature
Air humidity

0–50 °C
10–90 % RH (non-condensing)


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Link Download Fluid Service AGC-8280 [PDF; 4506 KB]

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