Technology is passion: as a strong MAHLE brand, BRAIN BEE offers workshop solutions from Italy.

BRAIN BEE S.p.A., which was founded in 2001 in the Italian city of Parma, specialises in developing and manufacturing diagnostics devices and software, air conditioning service systems and exhaust emission testing equipment. BRAIN BEE is now one of the leading brands of workshop solutions. We focus on offering the perfect combination of solutions to meet users’ needs and personal contact with our customers. BRAIN BEE's expertise in the areas of air conditioning service, diagnostics, fluid management and exhaust gas measurement is an excellent addition to the MAHLE portfolio.

Which products and services do we offer?

  • Diagnostics hardware and software for professional car workshops
  • Air conditioning service equipment for cars, trucks and offroad vehicles
  • Exhaust emission testing equipment
  • Sanitation devices for the automotive industry and beyond
  • Service equipment for automatic gearboxes and fluid systems
  • Tyre pressure monitoring systems


When our company was founded in 2001, we knew that we wanted to achieve something very special. This was obvious from our unusual company name, which combines the positive qualities of the busy bee with the technological knowledge of our engineers. BRAIN BEE produces innovative products that do exactly what they are supposed to. Highly precise and, most importantly, reliable.

This is made possible by our close personal contact with our customers and the flat hierarchies within our organisation. Combined with our passion and love for our products, this means that we are responsive and dynamic and allows us to develop unique equipment with a focus on solutions which enables you to do your job effectively and successfully.

We have summed up our aspirations in a brief but accurate slogan:


What makes BRAIN BEE stand out?

  • Innovative products for the independent aftermarket
  • Equipment for independent workshops, non-proprietary solutions
  • Devices that are always up-to-date: All devices are configured and tested before delivery
  • High levels of data security: Access is difficult for unauthorised users
  • Future-proof systems: Test equipment compatible with commercially available hardware and software
  • Easy updates via a USB port
  • Online support and device repair


BRAIN BEE S.p.A., based in Parma in Italy, is established following the merger of BRAIN BEE Srl and Global Pro Srl


BRAIN BEE Engineering SRL is founded


Opening of BRAIN BEE Ibérica S.A. in Spain


BRAIN BEE Deutschland GmbH founded


MAHLE GmbH in Stuttgart acquires a 20% stake in BRAIN BEE S.p.A.


MAHLE GmbH acquires an 80% holding in BRAIN BEE S.p.A.


Start of the project of new headquarters Service Solution EMEA in Parma


Inauguration of the new Plant and headquarters: via Diesel, 10/a


The benefits of working in a strong group:
Acquiring a majority share in BRAIN BEE allows MAHLE to develop its expertise in vehicle diagnostics, emission testing, air conditioning servicing and fluid management. MAHLE Aftermarket is taking an important step towards becoming a solutions provider and significantly expanding its presence in the field of equipment and services for workshops, in particular on the European market.

Primarily in the area of diagnostics and air conditioning servicing there are many points of contact and synergies with MAHLE Service Solutions, the workshop equipment and services division of MAHLE Aftermarket Italy S.p.A.

Because of BRAIN BEE’s strong European presence, the takeover represents an important means of ensuring that the activities of MAHLE Service Solutions in the fields of vehicle diagnostics, air conditioning servicing and other workshop solutions meet the requirements of its customers even more closely, particularly in Europe. At the same time, BRAIN BEE can profit from the business success of MAHLE Service Solutions in North America.


Brain Bee has made quality (understood as quality of products, processes and company systems,) one of its working principles.
Therefore, great importance has been put on the requirements of the company’s quality system and the role that the quality department plays in it.

All the processes have ISO9001:2015 certification.

All production activities are carried out by MAHLE Aftermarket Italy SpA in conformity with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to:

  • quality guarantee
  • user safety
  • accident prevention and worker protection

The task of guaranteeing adherence to quality specifications on every product and process falls to the MAHLE Aftermarket Italy SpA Quality Department, which operates over the entire length of the production chain.

Starting from our suppliers, who are subject to a careful selection procedure and periodic monitoring of their performance, through to the release of the finished product onto the market, which occurs only if the final control (carried out on 100% of production) has a positive result.

Working according to Quality requirements also means that any anomalies pointed out by our customers or areas of dissatisfaction are immediately dealt with by the Quality Department, which puts the pertinent internal procedures in motion to quickly solve the problems identified and prevent their repetition.
Our aim is to continuously guarantee customer satisfaction.

The work of the quality department does not therefore stop at the mere control of a product or process, but extends to the fast and efficient solving of any anomalies detected at any point in the production chain, from the supplier to the end user.
To this end, the product and components identification and traceability system plays a fundamental role, enabling us to delimit and pinpoint the origin of any anomaly, univocally identify the causes and take quick corrective, effective and efficient measures.