It simply works.

When our company was founded in 2001, we knew that we wanted to achieve something very special. This was obvious from our unusual company name, which combines the positive qualities of the busy bee with the technological knowledge of our engineers. BRAIN BEE produces innovative products that do exactly what they are supposed to. Highly precise and, most importantly, reliable.

BRAIN BEE - MAHLE’s workshop equipment specialist

As a strong MAHLE brand, BRAIN BEE’s deep-rooted expertise allows it to offer innovative and high-quality workshop equipment products and services in the aftermarket segment. BRAIN BEE is an innovative specialist in its field, particularly in vehicle diagnostics, calibration, and A/C service. And the solutions provider is also opening up new opportunities for day-to-day activities in workshops across Europe in the areas of emissions testing and automatic transmission service.

A complete product line and always at your side. All to be tried.