Maximum efficiency with minimal environmental impact.

PMU 400 // AGS-200 // AGS-688 // AGS-690

OPA-100 // OPA-300 // MGT-300 EVO

The wide range of products in our emissions line includes gas analysers and opacimeters for monitoring the exhaust systems of petrol and diesel cars and motorcycles, high-performance rpm counter, and, new to the range, the new particulate counter.

These devices are designed to meet the requirements set forth by national regulations regarding official inspections and tests on the composition of emissions.

Key features of our exhaust gas analysers:

  • Open system: compatible with all common commercial software and hardware systems
  • Plug and play solution: we fully configure and test all our exhaust examination testers
  • Extreme measurement precision
  • Approved by several national regulation (in continuous development)

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