Professional ATF stations for automatic gearboxes.

AGC-9250 // AGC-9280 // AGC-8290

Introduce the oil restoration service in automatic transmission systems to your workshop. Thanks to the AGC line from BRAIN BEE you are assured of maximum professionalism and great ease of use.

Why do car manufacturers recommend periodic oil changes in automatic transmission system?

  • To ensure a more comfortable ride
  • To extend the life and high efficiency of the automatic transmission
  • To prevent system malfunctions due to gearbox oil wear

Full Functionality

Zero Cross Contamination
The Zero Cross-Contamination function guarantees 100% cleanliness, removing oil and other types of residues, preventing possible serious damage to the automatic transmission. With the AGC stations, you can be sure that the gearbox is always filled with oil that is free from contamination.Interchangeable oil canisters, equipped with a quick-connect system, ensure rapid preparation of new oil and immediate station operation.

Current Cycle Back Up Function
No time wasted! If an interruption occurs during an oil change procedure, flushing will be resumed from the last completed step, avoiding the need to repeat the entire cycle (AGC-9280 only)

ATF Remote App
The new ATF Remote Viewer App allows the operator to freely control all execution steps. Completely renewed in its graphics, it makes the control of the station operation accessible at any time.

Report printing
At the end of the gearbox oil service, AGC BRAIN BEE stations generate a full-color A4 "Service Report" that can be easily sent via WiFi (AGC-9280) or exported to a USB stick (AGC-9250; AGC-8290).

Dipstick function
The Dipstick function allows you to work on sealed transmission systems, where the only access is the dedicated dipstick (AGC-9280only).

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