Be connected with the new AC Service generation by BRAIN BEE

AIR-NEX 9480

AIR-NEX 9480 for R-1234yf is the flagship of the AIR-NEX range. Extremely safe, as certified by EGEA, the voluntary certification that meets the stringent requirements of the EMC, LVP and PED regulations, does not renounce to offer its users extreme practicality and friendly use.

The ergonomic design of the AIR-NEX generation has been developed in cooperation with workshops, projected after analyzing carefully the daily work in the workshop. With AIR-NEX 9480 it is possible to fully entrust the recharge service to the automated processes of the station, sure of an impeccable result and being able to devote to other activities in the meantime. The profitability of the top-up service is thus ensured.

The integrated Wifi connection is the constant element of the entire line, which allows, in the case of AIR-NEX 9480 to fully exploit all the innovative features. Indeed like the model for 134, also AIR-NEX 9480 offers the integration with special APPs, which allow an absolutely innovative and practical management, as well as the integration with the BRAIN BEE diagnostic tool that enhance its field of action. Automatic updates and printing via AIR-PRINT.


Key features

  • 7” high visibility Touchscreen display
  • ONETOUCH liftdoor system
  • Wifi
  • ASA NETWORK interface
  • AIR-PRINT software
  • (1) Optional kit required

  • Multipass
  • UV Test
  • Flushing(1)
  • Hybrid function(1)
  • N-leak Test(1)
  • BRAIN BEE Scantools integrated(1)
  • APP (iOS and Android) integrated
  • Oil Care system
  • Autom. purging of non-condensing gas
  • Made by MAHLE

Technical data

Dimensions 700 x 750 x 1,100 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 85 kg
Reservoir capacity 20l
On board Printer optional
Gas identifier optional


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AIR-NEX 9450

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