BRAIN BEE – MAHLE’s workshop equipment specialist.

As a strong MAHLE brand, BRAIN BEE’s deep-rooted expertise allows it to offer innovative and high-quality workshop equipment products and services in the aftermarket segment.

BRAIN BEE is an innovative specialist in its field, particularly in vehicle diagnostics, calibration, and A/C service.

And the solutions provider is also opening up new opportunities for day-to-day activities in workshops across Europe in the areas of emissions testing and automatic transmission service.

Technology is passion: BRAIN BEE offers innovative workshop solutions.

BRAIN BEE S.p.A. was founded in the Italian city of Parma in 2001 and specializes in the development and production of diagnostic tools and software, air conditioning service units, and exhaust gas measuring equipment.

The company has since become one of the leading suppliers of workshop solutions.

We focus on offering the perfect combination of solutions to meet users’ needs and personal contact with our customers. BRAIN BEE’s expertise in the areas of air conditioning service, diagnostics, fluid management, and exhaust gas measurement makes it an excellent addition to the MAHLE portfolio.

We have summed up our aspirations in a brief but accurate slogan:

„It simply works.“

What makes BRAIN BEE stand out?

Equipment for independent workshops, non-proprietary solutions

Devices that are always up-to-date: All devices are configured and tested before delivery

High levels of data security: Access is difficult for unauthorised users

Future-proof systems: Test equipment compatible with commercially available hardware and software

Easy updates via a USB port

Online support and equipment repair

Which products and services do we offer?

Diagnostics hardware and software for professional car workshops Diagnostic software solutions for garages, developed in-house by our engineering departments
Battery PRO
Battery diagnostics are essential for the maintenance and repair of an e-vehicle—but they also play an important role in determining residual value. Reliable diagnostics of the traction battery can be crucial when purchasing a used electric car.
Ac Service
Air conditioning service equipment for cars, trucks and offroad vehicles
Connex DIGITAL Adas
Simple and reliable calibration of driver assistance systems.
Fluid Service
Service equipment for automatic gearboxes and fluid systems
Exhaust emission testing equipment